Making a difference

Learn how you can make a difference in a foster child’s life

Who we are & what we do:

Santa’s Cause Inc was founded in 2005 by Kelly Smith. It was her desire to help those in need, especially foster children. The original concept was to provide each foster child in Southern Idaho with a Christmas stocking. Since that time, Santa’s Cause has evolved. Currently, we provided Christmas for all of Idaho Region 5 foster children. We also give out scholarships to foster kids who wish to pursue extra-curricular activities, paying for such things as dance, swim and guitar lessons, to driver’s training, to paying for football uniforms and accoutrements.


We strive to give every foster child a special Christmas. This includes gifts, a handmade stocking, and blankets or quilts. Foster families are incredibly gracious, but they often don’t have the means to make Christmas extra special for the children in their home. Teenagers and young adults are particularly left out, as most donations are toys for young children. Our Christmas program is open to children of all ages in foster care, as well as those who have aged out of foster care within the last two years. We strive to give each child a special Christmas, through donors and our team of volunteer elves!

How you can help

Sponsoring a child(ren) or young adult in foster care for Christmas means taking care of their gifts for the holiday and that we will not need to shop for additional gifts for this child. Not only are you supporting a child in foster care, but you are also supporting foster families. 

Often groups of people (families, friends, classmates, coworkers, businesses, schools, scout troops, etc.) will sponsor a child/sibling set together. If your group is able to sponsor more than one child, please let us know. We like to keep siblings groups together when possible to ensure that they receive equal amounts of gifts.

Some details:

  • You will be provided with a wish list, age, gender and sizes of your assigned child. which includes his/her wish list, age, interests, hobbies, and favorite things.
  • When you receive your child’s information, you will also receive a due date.
     Please, please deliver your gifts by your specified due date. We want to ensure that gifts are provided to foster families in time for the holiday.
  • You can participate no matter where you live!!  Anyone can shop online and have your gifts shipped to Santa Cause. We ask that you please specify the NUMBER ASSIGNED TO THE child you are shopping for when shipping your gifts to avoid any confusion. Please take shipping times into consideration when ordering gifts online.
  • We do not accept used giftsSanta Cause strives to give kids in foster care a better Christmas than they would otherwise have.
  • You can request a certain age group or gender, but we do not guarantee that the request will be available. The only requests we accept are those for teenagers and older youth.  If you are interested in a teen/older youth, please let me know and this particular request can almost always be accommodated.  If you have a group of children (students, scout troops, etc.) sponsoring a child in foster care for Christmas, we can try to accommodate a request for a child of the same gender and age.
  • All gifts must be delivered UNWRAPPED.

Know a child who needs a sponsor?

Foster Parents and Case Managers you can fill out the application for child(ren). Please submit forms ASAP. Applications are assigned on first come, first serve basis.

How our program works

Our Christmas program is open to children of all ages in foster care, as well as those who have aged out of foster care within the last two years.

  • We match donors with a foster child(ren)
  • Donors are provided with important info about their assigned child
  • We give a list of the child's needs and/or wants and interests
  • Donors shop for their child and turn in gifts
  • Donors can shop from our Amazon Wish List and have them sent directly to Santa Cause